Welcome to our gallery! The Dragon and the Wanderer premiered in Philadelphia, PA in the spring of 2019, and busked its way across Europe from July-September 2019. These videos show a few snippets of our dress rehearsals, and the images show performances as well as concept-work for our puppets and stage.



Welcome to our Show

The first few minutes of an invited dress rehearsal of The Dragon and the Wanderer (Trumbull, CT, USA; June 2019)

When Bees Attack

Excerpt from an invited workshop showing (Philadelphia, PA, USA; June 2019)


Invited Rehearsal–the Dragon transforms! (Trumbull, CT, USA; June 2019)

Grog Wraps a Raptor in Vines

Invited Rehearsal (Trumbull, CT, USA; June 2019)

South Street Fall Pumpkinfest 2019 (put on by South Street Headhouse District)

Philadelphia, PA, USA; 10/26/19


World Puppet Theatre Festival 2019

Charleville-Mézières, France; 9/20/19-9/26/19


Our First Busking Audiences!

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK & High Wycombe, England, UK; July/August 2019

Invited Workshop Photos

Philadelphia, PA, USA; with Bright Invention improvisation ensemble; June 2019


“Little Bigfoot”

Aaron and Leah pose with our biggest hand and rod puppet, Little Bigfoot.

Tour of the Early Set; and Dragon Transformation!

A view of the structure of our puppet stage (undressed), and how it transforms into a dragon puppet.

Fun Building the “Critter” Hand Puppet

The very beginnings of one of our hand puppets: a little desert critter.

Rough Rehearsal – Raptor Wrapped in Vines Spots a Distant Threat

The dragon ignores him, though. What a relief for the raptor!

A Dragon and His Cave

In the distance, our dragon flies home…

Mock Up – LB’s Dive

Grog’s new friend Little Bigfoot (LB) jumps into a pond.

Mock Up – In the Jungle, The Mighty Jungle, The Dragon Sleeps…

Forest Scene

Early Concept Drawings

by Aaron Roberge


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