School Bus Conversion! The Beginning – Seats Out!

Our Next Great Adventure

Last summer, Wandering Theatre bought a bus! Our DIY tiny home conversion is still in the early stages of transformation. But now that it’s been – *checks watch* – seven months since we brought our bus home (to Aaron’s parents’ place, where they’re kind enough to host the project), I finally got around to putting together our first video of the process!

Not featured in this video: the painstaking process of finding the bus, getting it inspected, and getting the title etc. over to our name (I cannot overstate how stressful this last part was. We are living and working on the bus in Pennsylvania, but we bought the bus in New Jersey. Pennsylvania bureaucracy punished us accordingly). Perhaps at some point I’ll write more about this process, but suffice it to say it was a journey in itself.

Anyway, let’s get to the point here. Check out our first steps of bus conversion!

Bus Build: DEMOLITION Stage 1: Seat Removal

Summer 2021: Demolition Stage 1. MUSIC: Chicago by Sufjan Stevens

Stay tuned for more! Thanks for being with us!

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