More Exciting News! Festivals! Huzzah!

The Dragon and the Wanderer will be performing at the Bedford Fringe Festival, at the Quarry Theatre Studio, in Bedford, UK!

We’ve got 4 performances: 2 on Friday July 26 and 2 on Saturday July 27. Check out our Events page for further info, and a link to purchase tickets!

We are so excited to be a part of this festival (and we can’t believe that the time is almost upon us! Oh boy; so much puppeting to do between now and then.) Last night Aaron and I spent LITERALLY hours writing out a to-do list and plugging items into our calendar so we can make sure we’re ready for our trip (which officially begins on June 24, when we fly out of NYC and into London with our killer camping backpacks and our Dragon and the Wanderer suitcase.) And as stressful and overwhelming as all of that can feel sometimes, we couldn’t be more thrilled to begin this crazy journey.

…Let the wandering begin!

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